Comfortable, Custom-Fit Contact Lenses

Are you an active person? Do you enjoy playing sports but get frustrated with your glasses? Avoid breaking your glasses by turning to the contact experts at Spectus Absolute Vision for a contact lens fitting session.

Enjoy the many benefits of wearing contact lenses. After your eye exam, we can help you determine what type of lens is best for you. There are just a couple of extra tests to do.

Break free from your glasses

Do you enjoy wearing glasses but sometimes wish you didn’t have to? Why not try contact lenses? Let our experienced optometrist help you find the most comfortable contact lenses for your eyes. Don’t keep your eyes hidden – stop by today!

Have you been diagnosed with an eye condition? Don’t stress! Whether you have prostheopia, astigmatism, or need multifocal lenses, work with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get the best contacts for your eyes.

Eye Health Evaluation

Eye Measurements

Fitting of The Lenses

Would you like us to bring your contacts to you? We’ll deliver contacts anywhere in the downtown Casper area.

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